will overcome this hardship together

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How to prevent a cat astrophe

while working from home

How many of you already have a home office? For those of you who do not have this setup, you may work on the dining table. We can share tips for instantly updating whatever table you have to an efficient working desk.

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Have you ever

upholstered your mouth?

People in the health service at the frontline of this pandemic desperately need surgical masks. We can make our own masks to save more for them. Download a technical drawing on our website that shows you how to make your own within 10 minutes. Please do not forget to wash it frequently with boiled water or to remake more as much as you can.

Print out a technical drawing

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my lovely buddy

We designed a buddy system to help people work efficiently and safely, pairing those who are infected with those who have gained immunity. It will take 1-3 years until most of us receive the vaccine. In the transition period of this pandemic, people who already have the antibody and are less infectious can help those who are at risk with their work, especially when it requires close contact in the office or at schools. People who have already been infected by COVID-19 wear the rainbow symbols whilst people who have not the sun symbols. To avoid discrimination, we strongly suggest this work as a buddy system like how a rainbow comes with the sun after the rain and help each other. 

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Arm band

Business friendly




Arm band

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