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Portrait of Miranda

KYOHEI & MIRANDA was established by Kyohei Kazama and Miranda Pearson in 2017, combining aesthetics and mastery from both Japan and the UK.


Based on scientific researches and academic studies, we aim to create liveable and enjoyable environments to enrich people’s daily lives. 


Our studio specialises in various fields, including everything from interior design to furniture and sophisticated pieces for daily use. We also specialise in installations projects.


The studio recognises the importance of inclusivity and the consideration of people in difficult situations. Which always encourages us to design for empowerment. We have a strong sense of duty to question society; breaking barriers and expanding borders in our design schemes. We think it’s possible to make life a captivating experience for you.


Our designs have voices. 

You do too.

Kmoo Bright



Portrait of Kyohei

Onoffice  September 2019

art architecture exterior interior retail space installation exhibition furniture product illustration

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