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Elegance is beauty in modesty, paradoxically irresistible.

We tried to achieve elegance, abstract aesthetic, in the shape and function of a table. Keeping the minimal and modest exterior whereas hiding lavish decoration inside. Walking around the round table, you will see the elegance through 3 gaps on the leg.




Oil Finished Oak / Lacquer Finished Oak

/ Japanese Gold Lacquer



- Readymade -

Ø   900 mm, 1100 mm, 1300 mm

H   740 mm


- Made to Measure -

Ø   900 mm - 1300 mm

H   680 mm - 760 mm

Enquire for other colours


- Bespoke -

Enquire for other sizes, colours, and materials


- Exclusive -

Japanese Gold Urushi / Japanese Red Urushi

※ Time of delivery 3 years

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