• Bed

    Handcrafted in the earth


    • Oak



      Cane, Upholstery


       - Readymade -

      UK Single / EU Single

      W  1650 mm

      D   2410 mm

      H   1155 mm

      Japanese Small Double

      W  1950 mm

      D   2410 mm

      H   1155 mm

      UK Double / EU Double

      W  2150 mm

      D   2410 mm

      H   1155 mm

      UK King / EU King

      W  2350 mm

      D   2410 mm

      H   1155 mm


      - Bespoke -

      Enquire for other sizes, colours, and materials

    • Beds are like the balancing point of the scale between dreams and reality. Wandering in dreams and returning to reality as the scale moves. By incorporating bedside tables into the bed frame, this bed is designed to be as functional as it is comfortable. Sometimes you clearly remember the dream but sometimes not. Sometimes you have long dreams but sometimes not. It is like putting our day on the scale and being judged for what we have done while we are sleeping. We achieved this idea while keeping the timeless and beautiful shape of the bed.

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