• Door, Partition

    Handcrafted in the earth


    • Oak





      - Made to Measure -

      W  600 mm - 2500 mm

      H   600 mm - 2500 mm

      D   50 mm

      Ask enquiry for other colours


      - Bespoke -

      Enquire for other sizes, colours, and materials

    • A home is divided into many parts, but above all else home is one, cohesive place. STRINGS is designed with separation and unity in mind. Its playful design subtly divides the space between rooms, wardrobes, and storage spaces.  However, its permeability creates an open flow to your home, and allows your house to breathe naturally rather than be stifled and sequestered into small incoherent spaces.  Moreover, composed of weaved strings, its fluid design allows you to customise each one with patterns and colours that fit your unique style.

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